Hee Yao Wen

Hee Yao Wen, 16 years old Currently studying at Sri KL. WHAT YAO WEN SAYS… “There are a million and one reason why I wish to return to the days I spent at COSMOTOTS. There would be a million more if I could express my overwhelming emotions of gratitude and joy for the place in […]

Yang Wenyi

Yang Wenyi, 28 years old TESOL Educator WHAT WENYI SAYS… Like any mother, my mother wants the best for me. Understanding well the importance of the English language, my mother sets me off to COSMOTOTS at age 5. It was 1997 and I recalled going into a cozy little office in Damansara Uptown with my […]

Imelda Chong

Imelda Chong, 22 years old About to join University of the West of England in Bristol, UK for final year (on scholarship) WHAT IMELDA SAYS… “Hi, my name is Imelda! I am currently a student ambassador for Taylor’s University of the West of England, pursuing a degree in Business Management and Marketing. Throughout high school, […]


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