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What makes COSMOTOTS effective?

What differentiates COSMOTOTS from the rest, and therefore what makes us effective, is our approach to education and our passion for providing a solid educational foundation for every kid that comes to us.

Is it enough merely to teach our kids to read, to write or to think?

Education should be about developing a person who learns from what they read, write, and think.

Kids can be taught how to read, but a reader needs to be nurtured. A reader is someone who learns actively from their reading and grows with each book they read. A reader engages with the story because they can relate to the characters and therefore benefit from secondary experiences.

Kids can be taught the mechanics of writing, but a writer is someone who has something to say and knows how to communicate effectively. With every opinion they want to convey, they think about the best way to say it, and the best vocabulary to use to be understood.

Our mentors themselves are passionate about reading. They play a crucial role in instilling and nurturing the readership habit in the kids.

The Programmes

Prior to enrolling your child, a free consultation session is conducted to evaluate your child’s aptitude and attitude. The main idea is to ensure a suitable programme is assigned and the right expectations are established from the very beginning. There are altogether 8 programmes at COSMOTOTS under 4 broad learning categories.

Basic Reading

The recommended age for BASIC READING is between 4 and 6 years old. The 3 stages are:

Genesis Premier

  • Mastering 50 basic phonic sounds
  • Introductions to short story reading
  • Verbal communications exercises
  • Vocabulary building exercises

Genesis Intensive

  • Introductions to story books
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Reading set texts
  • Story telling

Genesis Extensive

  • Vocabulary and comprehension development
  • Verbal communication development
  • Independent story book reading
  • Exploratory discussion

Upon completion of the BASIC READING programmes, your child will have acquired the necessary gumption to try new story books independently.

Basic Writing

The recommended age for BASIC WRITING is between 6 to 10 years old. The 3 stages are:


  • Simple sentence composition
  • Spelling and core grammar
  • Basic writing skills
  • Story telling and story book reading


  • Basic critical thinking skills
  • Progressive writing skills
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Story telling and story reading


  • Effective paragraph writing
  • Intermediate writing skills
  • Story book reading
  • Brainstorming and thought organization

Upon completion of the BASIC WRITING programmes, your child will have mastered:

Effective writing and communications skills

Effective writing and communications skills

Effective writing and communications skills

Effective writing and communications skills

Advanced Reading & Writing

This programme is designed for children who have acquired at least a satisfactory level of reading and writing skills or for those who are advanced in their command of English. The recommended age for the EXPLORER programme is between 10 and 12 years old.

  • Advanced logic and critical thinking skills
  • Advanced reading and comprehension
  • Advance essay writing skills
  • Idea development

Upon completion of this programme, your child will have mastered reading and essay writing skills, brainstorming ideas, effective verbal and written communications, and an affinity for reading complex materials.


Essay Writing

Candidates for this programme would have mastered basic writing skills. The recommended age for the OMEGA programme is 11 years old and above.

  • Vocabulary and comprehensions mastery
  • Focus group presentation and debates
  • Effective verbal communications skills
  • Advance story book reading
  • Extensive essay writing skills
  • Brainstorming ideas

Upon completion of this programme, your child will have developed excellent communication and essay writing skills that will help them significantly in acing through their academic and adolescent years.


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