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COSMOTOTS is an award-winning English education provider that offers a solid foundation in Reading and Writing in English for children aged 4 to 15 years old, transforming more than 10,000 kids in Malaysia in the past three decades.

What makes COSMOTOTS effective?

In COSMOTOTS, we build a solid foundation in Reading and Writing in English.

The Methodology

The Methodology is based on more than 35 years of experience working with children. Our lessons are experiential, not based on drilling, worksheets, and rote learning. Instead, the emphasis is on the kids developing skills to be independent readers and effective writers.

The Syllabus

The Syllabus is based on well-known and loved classics such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Black Beauty, and Robinson Crusoe.


Practice makes permanent. Through consistent exposure to reading and writing activities, these skills become almost second nature. The child will not feel intimidated when given new English material to read or any English essay title.

The Mentor

We have passionate and invested mentors who will guide and foster readership and writership in your child. Our mentors are degree holders from varied educational backgrounds but have one thing in common – they are readers and committed to developing the next generation of readers.


To be the largest and most effective English language school in Asia, making every child acquire the English language naturally.


Bringing Hope and Happiness to Families Across Asia

At COSMOTOTS, every child can acquire English naturally.

We make a difference in kids, teenagers, and their parents through our sustainable initiatives in transforming quality education, family love, and positive living to create truly happy families, across Asia.

Our People | Culture

Culture As the Priority

In COSMOTOTS, culture is our No. 1 priority, alongside profit. From one centre to where we are now 34 centres throughout Malaysia, growing and winning multiple awards in the education industry. This achievement is only possible if we have a great team. Our unique culture builds a Champion Team.

Modern COSMOTOTS Centre


COSMOTOTS continues to operate by the value of our Founder & CEO who believes in the philosophy of “take from society, give back to society”. With our true commitment, COSMOTOTS Foundation embraces the value of making a massive positive impact on society by contributing a portion of our group profit to the community, to our well-deserved students and families. To date, as a group (WYNKIDS Education Group) has contributed more than RM500,000 worth of scholarships. Going forward, we will constantly put our external stakeholders as our priorities by improving society’s welfare through education.



CEO Program for Parents

Parents are one of the most important stakeholders in the majority of the best education systems in the world. As part of our journey to raise a relevant future young generation, COSMOTOTS does include parents as part of the process of learning and raising their children. The program was specifically created to train Parents to be a great CEO of the house so as to inspire and unlock kids’ potential and build their character at home. Education starts from home.

Admission Criteria

COSMOTOTS accepts kids between the ages of 4 years old to 15 years old.

In COSMOTOTS, we are very serious about making sure that your child fully benefits from the program. As such, for your child to qualify for admission into our program, your child would have to be deemed, at the time of application, to have attained sufficient maturity level at the particular age group.

As part of our requirement that prior to admission into the program, the parent and child will be invited to visit the COSMOTOTS center to meet with our Chapter Manager. A complimentary fun assessment session will be conducted for your child. Contact our centre now!


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