Hee Yao Wen

Hee Yao Wen, 16 years old

Currently studying at Sri KL.


“There are a million and one reason why I wish to return to the days I spent at COSMOTOTS. There would be a million more if I could express my overwhelming emotions of gratitude and joy for the place in words. To me, my days at COSMOTOTS were like to cocoon with the result being the development of a beautiful butterfly. My love for the study of the world around me; for the appreciations of literature and arts; and most importantly, the courage to speak up to a larger audience were all deeply rooted with the lessons held and conducted by the brilliant ‘Uncles’ and ‘Aunties’.

It was Sir who became a mentor to me and who pushed me to expand my limitations. Despite my inability to muster enough courage to speak to an audience, it was Sir, the Uncles and the Aunties who encouraged me every step of the way and even got me to deliver a short solo piece on the night our parents were invited to listen. It was after this that I managed to achieve the rank of top 37th debater out of 1200 students from 54 countries under 18; successfully became of the president and staff sergeant of my school’s Red Crescent division for two years; and perhaps most importantly, being happy with being myself in front of the world around me.

Because of COSMOTOTS, I have become a new person. Having achieved lots of memorable endeavours, I continue to want to achieve many more. Sir, Uncles, Aunties, all of you: I salute you.”


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